Shakespeare’s Henry the Fifth

For what ostensible purpose does Shakespeare populate the cast of Henry V with representatives ofvarious nationalities of the British Isles? Any dramatic reason for doing this? Any hints of“classism” here? See the play again, carefully, especially King Henry’s “St. Crispin’s Day” speechbefore Agincourt and his reading the roll of the dead after the battle.Each exam response must not exceed two pages in length. Because of space limitations, you shouldavoid using quotations that take up more than three lines or so (such brief quotations will be partof your text). You do not need to give titles for your responses or provide a Works Cited page for the exam.Mention any secondary sources internally in the text of your response and cite parenthetically. Formatting instructions: Quotations from Shakespeare’s plays and other sources should be cited parenthetically (i.e.,internally). Important: All quotations must be introduced grammatically and given appropriatecontext.Note: Quotations from Shakespeare’s plays are cited by act, scene, and line number(s)—not pagenumbers. Important: The citation for the quotation from a paper on Richard III givenabove—“1.3.334-36”—is correct; “I.iii.334-36” would be incorrect.Each response should be in the form of a well-reasoned argument that makes specific use of theprimary text as well as meaningful use of relevant secondary sources.