Shakespeare’s Richard III (3)

Using your best academic prose, write a cogent, text-specific response to one of the followingquestions over Shakespeare’s Richard III: Throughout the play Richard is self-consciously “theatrical” in staging himself in varioussituations. In this sense, Buckingham may be regarded as his “stage manager”—though Richard himselfalways is in control of the situation (at least until the end of the play). Making specificreferences to the text, demonstrate and explain Richard’s “theatricality.”Your response should be in the form of a well-reasoned argument that makes specific use of theprimary text as well as any other secondary materials you think necessary—e.g., Jean E. Howard’sessay, “Shakespearean History”; commentary on the play; and so forth.LENGTH, FORM, AND RELATED MATTERS two pages in length. Your response does not need a title or Works Cited page. Paper formatting instructions: Quotations from Shakespeare’s plays and other sources should be cited parenthetically (i.e.,internally). Important: All quotations must be introduced grammatically and given appropriatecontext.