Should children be required to say the Pledge of Allegiance in schools?

The main goal of social studies is to teach students to be become reflective decision makers and citizen actors in order to solve personal and public problems. Understanding the research process is essential to achieving this goal. Any model of social science inquiry consists of at least the following components: Selecting a topic/formulating a research problem; construction of a hypothesis Literature review Development of a research design; the process that you will follow to conduct your work Data collection Data analysis and interpretation Writing narrative of your research Citation/giving credit to your sourcesFor this course, you will develop a pre-approved research project that focus on the K-5 curriculum standards. You must develop a major project based on a research paper that follows the above research process It must be should be interdisciplinary, i.e. you should utilize other areas of social sciences such as economic, geography, political science, philosophy, etc. Each research project should include an explanation of how you will use this information in an instructional setting. Each research paper must be 5-7 pages in length with no more than 2 pages of endnotes and a bibliography.It must also include an annotated bibliography containing 10 items that goes with the research paper. It must include the following: a. Not less than 3 full length studies (books) b. Not less than 3 scholarly articles c. Not more than 3 Internet web sites