Survey Report

There is no specific format here. HOWEVER, please make sure you follow the guidelines we talked about in class for developing a survey. Outline each survey question and then, at the END of your survey draft, explain why use chose each question. How do they relate back to your research objectives/questions and your hypotheses?As a group, develop a set of questions that you feel would be useful to test your hypotheses. State your research question(s) and explain why/how each survey question captures valuable information that relates to your research question(s). You should explain your choices in developing the survey. This includes question/construct ordering, any speci?c formatting or question types, survey ?ow, and ultimately, what you chose to omit from the survey (and why you made the choice).Research Question: What factors influence students decision to eat healthy and post those meals on social media? What factors do students take into account when they are deciding where/what to eat? Why do students post pictures of food in general?Survey Questions Which on-campus cafeteria do you eat at the most? Why do you choose to eat at that specific cafeteria? (choose all that apply) How important are your current health goals? Do you post pictures of food on social media? Which social media programs do you primarily post pictures to? If you do post pictures, what about the food makes you posts pictures? Under what circumstances would you post pictures of food onto your personal social media pages? (Check all that apply) How often do you post pictures of food onto your personal social media pages? If you were given something as a result of posting your healthy eating choices onto your personal social media pages, what would you like to receive? Drag and drop the following factors in order of importance when deciding what food to buy at a certain cafeteria (1 Most Important, 6 -Least Important). Click on the area in the following image which you look to first. (heatmap) Which of the following meals do you feel is most valuable to you on a day to day basis? Rate how likely you would order healthy food in the following situations Which do you believe is most important attribute that makes a food considered to be healthy? Please provide the following background information. Are you currently completing an on-campus job or internship? Around which quad do you spend the most time in on a day to day basis? Do you live on campus? Which quad do you currently live in?