Technology Issues In The Workplace

I. Description The student will find a topic of interest and perform in-depth work on that topic. The project must be sufficiently complex to require the expertise of a junior-senior level student. The student must narrow the topic from the broad topics listed below: Project topics must not be those previously developed in the mid-term group projects. Topic will be : Technology Issues in the Workplace -. Pick three different areas to focus on. A student should first check the thread before posting his/her topic. The first student to post a topic to the thread will take precedence over any other student. For example, if A Comparison of IT development in Singapore with IT development in France is chosen, then the second student will have to choose another topic. All topics require the approval of the instructor. Discuss questions relating to the paper with the instructor at any time necessary. Post the questions to the Office thread or e-mail your instructor in an emergency. II. Learning Objectives Read and research problems created by technology in society and some ways to modify or prevent these problems. Discuss these in the paper. Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the topic by comparing/contrasting data. Gather information by: 1. reading the course textbooks, reading documentation materials 2. contacting experts on the topic 3. researching library materials 4. using the Internet All of the above information gathering sources will be documented in the research paper following MLA or APA format (not a combination of both). The content of the research paper is fairly open. See the description above. III. Criteria for the Paper Note a few of the common reasons why the Individual research term paper would not meet the minimum standards: Too easy. As stated above, the work must be sufficiently complex to require the expertise of junior-senior level students. Too little time spent in research and writing. Overlap of another course. If the content of the research paper involves concepts covered in another course(s), then it must be of a different or more complex nature. It includes the understanding that the student will complete all of the work. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Park Universitys honesty regulations as found in the School of Online Learning will be followed. Using only one source for the research. This is not a book report. Each student will submit a topic to the Topic Discussion Thread by the end of Unit 3. This will allow ample time to be reading and accumulating research data for the Introduction to the paper due at the end of Unit 5. IV. Individual Research Term Paper Format The research paper should follow the grading criteria below. It should include a minimum of 8 to 10 references cited. Use of the Kizza and Annual Editions textbooks as primary sources is encouraged. Internet sources may not be used exclusively. The number of resources is largely dependent on the quality of the sources and the research paper topic. The research paper should follow a similar format to that found in technical journals and the format of this Guideline. In particular, it must include the following items: Title of Presentation on Title page Outline or Table of Contents Introduction Cite sources throughout paper with a Works Cited page(*see below) Discoveries, data found, Summary of data/ conclusions References with a *Works Cited page at the end.