The Conclusion Jumper

Write a 4 page SUMMARY on the CHAPTER “ROUND 12? Titled The Conclusion Jumper” FROM THE TEXT BOOK “WHEN BOSSES GO WILD-preventing employee morale knockouts” by Eddie Loussararian. ISBN # 978-0615885780 * you can include real life experiences/situations to enhance the paper length. I personally, work in a medical clinic where my Boss is set in his ways from the past and is sticking to it (which hasn’t really worked since we still have the same issues) as well as he no real expertise in the medical field. He shoots down every idea I have pertaining to solutions for the issues at rise such as handling patient accounts, billing issues dealing with insurance reimbursements (what’s ethical and what’s not)and so forth. To my boss, he is set on what he thinks is right from 20 years ago, but today may not be the best solutions. (you make up a situation pertaining to this and deliver on that).