The Impact of performance appraisal systems on employee job satisfaction

Order DescriptionI have uploaded my dissertation and just require you to IMPROVE THE LITERATURE REVIEW SECTION ONLY. I have already written 2,300 words so you just need to add 1600 more words to this section only. Improve the section as follows:The dissertation so far is highly narrative rather than informative. In a masters dissertation well-structured line of reasoning with facts and figures is expected along with the theoretical background information. Hence please convince us with providing some real research data as well.The literature review section needs to be more in-depth, comprehensive and well structured. Please use more headings and subheadings and create a logical flow throughout. For instance please introduce the existing performance appraisal systems (please use any real example) with their MEASURED outcomes so far.Please also add into the review details of:How will you collect data? How will you analyse the data? How will you test validity and reliability of the data collection method?Lit review should 80% peer reviewed ( u need to access online library for journals and peer reviewed articles) Please use: google My Athens and you can access this through: user id: gsm140920 passwrd: gsm221178than introduce what is current method of performance appraisal.Please please ensure you follow all the instructions very closely as this is my dissertation and I do not want to fail!