The topic is about green tourism

Comm 6019 Formal Report Research Report 25%Communications 6019: Fall 2016 Write a professional, interesting, and well-researched formal report on a program-related topic of your choice. Students will select one of the topics discussed in class and craft an argumentative paper with a working thesis and points of proof to support the argument of the paper. You will be expected to have a clear argument, and will be expected to provide some relevant proof, especially some relevant statistical proof, to support their claim. Students must also incorporate visual aspects into their papers, but the images/ graphs/ charts must be relevant to the overall topic of the paper and must forward the overall argument of the paper. To avoid duplication, ensure you tell me your topic before you begin your research. You need a minimum of 8 sources for your report a minimum of five must be print sources. Online academic journals will be considered print sources. The following requirements need to be part of your research report: formal report format single spaced with headings throughout 12 point font Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman the following parts: o title page, o table of contents, o An Abstract/ Executive Summary o clear thesis (statement of problem or purpose), o Introduction which supplies argument and a brief explanation of background information, o discussion of findings, demonstrated research and supports for argument in the body of the paper o conclusions, recommendations or suggestions, o References page (APA), o You will need to incorporate in-text citations at least 1 image/graph/ map, etc. with appropriate title and correctly cited appropriate business language (conversational, active voice, informative content) all sources documented correctly and consistently-in-text citations must be included and correctly cited/ formatted. At least 8 sources must be used in the body of the paper itself. You must demonstrate how and where you used your sources in your paper. Comm 6019 Formal Report Length The completed paper must be a minimum of 15 pages with all necessary aspects included (refer above) Research at least 8 sources to support your analysis and conclusions. Cite your sources using APA. Remember to document all Internet sources correctly. Please remember that only the sources that appear in your paper should appear in your works cited page. A hard copy of your formal report must be submitted at the beginning of class on Friday November 25th, 2016. You must also submit a version of your paper to the electronic dropbox in FOL by the beginning of class on the day the paper is due. Papers that are not both submitted electronically AND in hard copy form by the beginning of class on Friday November 25th, 2016 will not be marked and students will receive a zero on the Research Report. Late assignments will not be accepted and please make sure you staple your report.