The tragedy of the common Environmental Issues

Essay 1: Tragedy of the commons (waterways or biodiversity Waterways management/biodiversity conservation today is a commons. Select one these two natural resource domains (i.e. waterways develop an argument supporting or refuting this statement. Wate rivers and estuaries. Your essay should include: 1.Definition of the tragedy of the commons. 2.Description of the domain (e.g. waterways or biodiversity co specify a country or waterway/biome for analysis. 3.Analysis of the range of property rights associated with your ch 4.Analysis of whether the tragedy has occurred or is occurring u provide evidence. 5.Recommendations for solutions/improvements with an empha Length: 1,500 words excluding references, diagrams and tables. Refer to the marking guide at the back of this booklet as it gives need to cover in your answer. Consider using diagrams and/or ta provide clarity. Essential hints: Essays are not a random stream of consciousness. An essay requires a clear line of argument and supporting references the unit website where to find these). My colleagues suggest a minim assessed work at postgraduate level. Murdoch university perth Australia All essays must have an introduction and conclusion. Use headings and subheadings to keep your work organised and focused You must write using paragraphs. These have one idea, supported by 3- not a paragraph, neither is a whole page of writing. I will return e mandatory three day turn around, if you do not write using paragraphs. Essay 1 Marking GuideStudent name:Grade:*Structure HD D C P NWell structured and logically organisedPoorly structured and disorganisedContent and ArgumentTragedy of the commons definedNo definition providedDescription of domain providedNo description providedRange of property rights analysedAnalysis not provided Analysis of whether a tragedy occurredNo analysis Characteristics of the tragedy usedCharacteristics not used in the analysis Recommendations for solutions/ improvementsNo recommendations Independent approach/interpretationLittle evidence of originalitySources and their UseReferences used to support comments & argumentReferences not usedStyle and PresentationWell written and presented (fluent, good grammar & spelling)Poorly written, presented (poor grammar and spelling) * Although marks are shown for each item, students must pass the Content an