This is a two part assignment. Each part will be evaluated for up to 10 points, for a total of 20 points.

Part 1: BudgetUsing the budget template provided to you on Blackboard under the Assignments tab (and also below), please propose a complete budget comprising of all associated costs for the program. You can identify up to $25, 000 of the expenses that you need provided by the funder. You are welcome to have an additional amount of up to $100, 000 that is matched. Remember that the funds must all be spent in a period of 12 months.Be specific in all your proposed costs. Feel free to google costs related to your program to identify a reasonable budget.Grading: Budgets will be evaluated on the following: alignment to the needs provided in the program proposal, specific details, staying within the budget guidelines.Part 2: Evaluation PlanIn addition to the budget,you will need to develop an evaluation plan in no more than 2 double-spaced pages for your proposed program using the following steps:1) List all the deliverables that you will have to show your funder as a result of the program. This can include evaluations, curriculum, advertisement samples, etc. This will vary for each proposal. For this project, please aim for at least 5 items that you list for the funder.2) List the various assessment tools that you have/will develop to identify if and how the process and impact objectives that you developed were achieved. You should have at least 1 assessment for you process objective(s) and at least 2 assessments for impact objective(s).Remember to be brief, detailed and specific for the evaluation plan. You can do this in about a page, but please do not write more than 2 pages.Grading: Evaluation plans will be evaluated on the following: alignment with the program plan, specificity of the information and meeting the required minimum for each criteria listedMy instruction: Please make sure u understand very well what you are doing and feel free to ask any question. this assignment is related to the one u wrote and the one I attached to this order. It is basically a build up. Please make sure you do the narrative on the excel file too. FOLLOW the example attached. You can choose to name the organization whatever you want.