Toolkit for Topic Memo

First you simply need to analyze 4 student topic ideas for the proposal. The 4 proposals are goingto be attached, as well as the requirements for the final proposal. This will be the Real WorldProposal Assignment sheet attached and use this document to answer:1) How viable is each of the 4. Why or why not? 2) Can the idea be fixed or scaled down? What would you advise this student?After this, please fill in the topic memo drafting sheet, which will be attached as well. For myactual proposal, I would like to focus on my fraternity, Sigma Nu. The general problem I would liketo address is a lack of communication between brothers and simply not being as close as “brothers”should be. It doesn’t really matter as to the solution so please just incorporate somethingplausible. For the sources part, simply describe the types of general sources you may use and notthe specific ones because we have not done the actual assignment yet. Please feel free to call ifthere are any questions.