Transportation Systems Planning

You have been recruited to their Transportation and Planning department and have been tasked with reducing future congestion and avoiding harmful air quality. They have no travel demand model. You will create the plan for developing one for 2020. In 500-800 words, describe how you would develop the first 3 components of the four-step travel model: 0 Trip Generation Develop a plan for evaluating the generation of residential and commercial trips in the region. Remember that activities around petroleum production are now a core area of concern in the region 0 Trip Distribution Develop a plan for evaluating the distribution of each trip type in the region. You must create a plan for 0-D matrices that consider residential, commercial, and oil activities, both now and into the future. 0 Mode Choice Develop a plan for evaluating the travel choices of residents. You must also consider the options the city has for shipping oil (e.g., tanker truck or rail). Your response should describe the information needed to complete each of the 3 steps and the specific methods used.