Venturi Meter Experiment

Venturi Meter Experiment Technical memo focuses on Results and Discussion. Be sure to outline the purpose for the experiment in the memo. Results section should include a table summarizing data collected and used in analysis. Any figures to be generated should be included in this section (see Venturi Meter Experiment or H1: Venturi Meter Experiment & Analysis posted on BlackBoard). The Results section should include a concise explanation of what is plotted in the figures and summarized in the tables. Also, in this section explain how the data was analyzed including equations used. Sample calculations should be included as an appendix to the memo. All tables and figures need to have a caption that includes number and title; e.g., Figure 1: Idealized versus Measured Pressure Distribution along Venturi Meter. In the Discussion section, talk about your figures and what they mean. Are the results you get consistent with theory? Also, include a discussion of sources of errors in the experiment. Answer any additional questions posted for the experiment as part of the Discussion section. (ALSO I will include the