Walgreens (Focus on the Clinical Side)

1. Be certain that all of your references and in-text citations meet APA standards. All references must be double-spaced, have a hanging indention, and be alphabetized by the authors last names. If you need help with this see the Writing Center or the sixth edition of the APA Manual for help with formatting.2. All submissions must have an APA formatted Title Page. Page numbers must be flush with the right margin. Just use the number, not Page. The words Running head: must be flush with the left margin. For example, the Title Page has Running head: LEADERSHIP. Subsequent pages just say LEADERSHIP.3. Abstracts should NOT be indented, even though introductions are.4. Your paper must use one-inch margins all the way around.5. The same font must be used throughout the entire paper. This includes the running head and reference pages.6. Headings and/or subheadings must be used to break up blocks of text.7. All paragraphs must be consistently indented to one-half inch, using the Tab key and double-spaced.8. I must be able to understand how you have demonstrated the use of all 7 of the Program Outcomes in your submission. Please make it clear. It I cant see how you achieved each of them, youll fail the course.9. Your submission must include strategic recommendations with actionable steps to solve an organizational problem or shortcoming. If this is not clear to me, youll fail the course.10. All capstone projects must be a minimum of 25 pages in length, NOT including the Title Page, Abstract, Table of Contents, References pages, or Appendices.11. At least 10 sources must be used and referenced correctly.12. Please review the MBA Capstone Project Guidelines and Appendix D Grading Criteria to be sure you have addressed all the requirements that will be graded.13. Your Oral Presentation consists of a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that includes 12-15 slides with NOTES. Use Adobe Connect for this 15-20 minute presentation that serves as an overview of your Capstone Project.