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. Put your data in an excel sheet with your treatments and reps in the first column then put the data measurements across the top row . For example if you had radish 1 and bean 1 treatment do R1B1rep1 R1B1rep2 R1B1rep3Your top row will look like Treatment. Plant Height. Germination % Leaf Color. And Leaf number2. Plant height should be in mm (conversions will have to be done)3. Leaf color is the number from Munsell color app4. Leaf number is the average number of leaves per plant. So for example if you have 3 bean plants with one plant having 8 leaves, second plant having 5, and a third with 2. The average leaf count for that rep is 5.5. Germination % number of sprouted radishes/ number of planted radishes, number of sprouted beans/ planted beans