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Features of an evaluation essay.A sufficiently described topic. You should describe your topic in some detail, in accordance with what you think your audience should know. You should provide enough information to let the audience accept your judgment.A judgment. You must assert yourself by making a strong claim of value. This claim of value will be your thesis sentence (and it should not be a proposal claim). All paragraphs should search to prove this thesis, even though you must provide a balanced appraisal by expecting objections.A persuasive argument. After stating your judgment, you should provide evidence that describes instances, statistics, data, and/or testimony of others. You may decide to make comparisons while writing your evaluation essay.Criteria. Ground your evaluation on the specific criteria you develop, and then demonstrate how your topic meets or fails to me that criteria.An obvious pattern of organization. Make you bias clear right away. Begin with a tight introductory part, working from common to specific. Your judgment must be your thesis sentence, so it should guide your overall argument. In addition, this essay shouldCreate unified body paragraphs with topic sentences that elaborate on your thesis. Offer substantial and authoritative evidence to support your claims. Some of this evidence will be in the form of 2-4 credible outside resources (at least one on-line source) which you will synthesize into your body paragraphs (ie. introduce the author/site and state why he/she/it is relevant to your argument). Incorporate elements of Logos, Pathos and Ethos. Appeal to a college educated audience whose viewpoints are varied. Do this by understanding the warrants that underlie your claims (would most readers agree with your warrants?), using accessible language and editing carefully for sentence errors.